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Individual Therapy

1439614217Stop suffering alone.

For far too long, you’ve been experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, insecurity, numbness, loneliness, detachment, and purposelessness.

You deserve the opportunity to explore in-depth the thoughts, beliefs, and conditioning (cultural or otherwise) contributing to these emotions.

Therapy allows you the time and space to slow down, breathe, take a break from the demands of everyday living and focus on clearing your mind and settling back into your body.

Find the help you deserve.

During therapy, we employ many techniques, including breathing, meditation, reframing thoughts, and distraction techniques.

We also allow for the opportunity to vent and release pent-up thoughts and feelings (some clients call this “verbal vomiting,” and I tell them it’s OK – I have cleaning people.)

Perhaps the most critical aspect of our work is having an open mind and being receptive to feedback. It’s the feedback you receive, as opposed to the echo chamber of your own mind, that will allow you to be most successful at eliminating symptoms and moving forward.