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Grief and Loss

2304305405Grief can be devastating.

It’s like someone poured concrete into your veins, making life feel heavy, dull, and unbearable.

There’s a reason that denial is one of the stages of grief – it’s a protective measure. Whenever we lose a person, pet, relationship, or anything else that we’ve closely tied our sense of self to, our identity is fighting for its own life.

Sustaining a sense of self while integrating a profound loss can be challenging, complex, and disruptive. But, it is possible to come out stronger on the other side.

Let’s work through your grief.

Therapy can provide you with the space and opportunity to allow yourself to lower your protective walls of denial and begin to rebuild from the inside out.

My approach to therapy is gentle, empathetic, and compassionate. You set the pace, and you call the shots. Together, we’ll help you reorganize yourself and shift your perspectives so that you can answer the question, “Who am I now?”

Every loss also has a gain, and believe it or not, working through grief in therapy can be a cathartic experience that leaves you stronger and more resilient than ever before.