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Individual Coaching

686321224Allison* was struggling in her marriage and home life.

She had been in therapy for many years battling depression induced by childhood trauma and eating disorder in her early adult life that has left her worried about her health.

Allison felt she had a good grasp on her past life and the trauma that she had endured, but now she was ready to face the aftermath and make serious changes. Allison wanted to address her physical and mental health as well as become more organized in managing her home, clean out the clutter, and live her best life.

She felt overwhelmed and wanted a plan.

What to address first? How to develop and execute the steps, and mostly how to create time?

Allison and I worked to identify her goals in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and organization. Then we broke these goals down into easily manageable and achievable steps that she could implement daily.

Fundamental to this was developing a morning routine/ritual that would set her up for the day to retrain her brain from a pattern of overwhelm and shutting down to a program of saying to herself, “I can do this.”

Coaching supported the plan.

Coaching helped hold her accountable to what she wanted, not to what someone told her she ought to do. This reframed approach to living life was a game changer for Allison.

Over time she was able to lose 36 lbs. She began exercising daily, and her relationship with her spouse improved. She had more energy to attend to her family and became a model of living well.

708068713Coaching is Targeted.

Individual coaching is a focused and task-centered approach designed to help clients make the specific changes they want.

This can include losing weight, developing an exercise plan, becoming more organized, building a business, or nearly anything else you might want to achieve.

Coaching is different from therapy.

Coaching differs from therapy in that it is designed for those whose symptoms are less acute and not as disruptive to their everyday functioning. Coaching is a more structured approach to change and may require homework, self-monitoring, and tracking reports to demonstrate progress.

There is typically less time spent in the exploratory phase and more time spent determining an action plan. Coaching sessions are typically shorter (30-45 minutes) to avoid getting off track and are generally not covered by insurance.

93210460How Coaching with Me Helps

Coaching is rooted in Positive Psychology which focuses on your strengths and abilities rather than what is “missing” or “wrong.”

Coaching helps you build-in reward systems to keep you motivated and engaged and often requires you to step outside your comfort zone but with a supportive and compassionate ally by your side.

Is it “One Day” or “Day 1?”

If you’re tired of going it alone, if you want courage and motivation, call now to schedule a 15-minute consultation.

Let’s get focused and make a plan.

*Name and story are composite narratives and do not reflect an actual client.