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Divorce Contemplation & Recovery

273337175Contemplating divorce is emotionally distressful.

Deciding whether to leave a marriage can be one of the most painful choices ever. The process is complex and can be wrought with anxiety, grief, depression, and anger – long before you file the papers.

Sometimes, divorce involves making heartbreaking decisions regarding custody if minor children are involved. An air of secrecy often leads to feelings of taboo and shame.

Navigating the multitude of overwhelming feelings while trying to forecast the potential consequences of cutting ties can feel unbearable.

Seeking therapy amid this potential transition is crucial.

Divorce is a high-stakes decision with rippling effects that stem from family members and friends.

Partners need to ask themselves hard questions about why they want to file for divorce. Are conflicts in the relationship irreconcilable? Have you grown apart to the point where you no longer have feelings for one another and fail to share anything in common? Have you sought help to address issues that brought you to this point in your relationship?

These are a few of the many questions you need to consider, and having an open and honest conversation in a space mediated by a therapist, who is a neutral party, can reduce confrontation and help both of you identify why divorce may be the best option.

Let’s work together to make things less painful.

Having an objective, nonjudgmental sounding board to separate facts from feelings helps guide you to distill down to the essential truths of who you are and what you need to do for yourself vs. what you need to do for your family, friends, and reputation is invaluable.

I have helped clients work through the divorce and recovery decision-making process as a therapist. Having a clear understanding as to why you are considering divorce is essential. In addition, knowing what to expect after making that decision is also necessary.

Divorce is a painful decision, and one you should not make lightly. Let me be part of the decision-making process.

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