You’re Not Sure You Can Go on Without Them

Give Yourself Support to Grieve and Heal

Therapy for Grief and Loss in Potomac, Maryland

Your body feels heavy.

Grief is weighing you down.

You feel like you’re made of stone, except for the pain in your heart.

The tears won’t stop flowing, and there’s nowhere to put these feelings.

You’re exhausted.

Some mornings, you feel like you can’t even move.

You lay in bed looking at the ceiling.

Facing another day of this pain feels impossible.

Will you ever recover?

Part of you feels like this pain is the last piece of them you have left.

Therapy helps you rebuild your life after a loss.

No, life will never be the same, but life can be good again.

And your loved one wouldn’t want you to suffer.

Grief is an expression of love. The deeper the pain, the more you loved during their life.

Therapy helps you cope as you move through the stages of grief and restore your meaning.

Feel whole again.

In a dedicated therapy space, you can process your grief with support.

Every person’s grief and grieving process is unique.

Loss is complex. I offer specialized tools to process your emotions and heal at your pace.

We’ll work through the physical symptoms so you can feel calm in your body once more.

I’m here to help you pick up the pieces.

You shouldn’t have to go through the grieving process alone.

Give yourself the support you need right now.

Heal yourself so you can live a life that honors your loved one.

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