When You Said “I Do,” You Never Imagined This

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You were so in love in the beginning.

What seemed like a fairytale romance has become a living nightmare.

Your spouse has become brutal and vindictive.

You hate to see the effect this process is having on your kids.

Although you’ve tried to keep them out of it, the kids keep getting dragged into the middle.

You’ve tried everything.

Even just thinking about divorce is so painful.

This is not at all how you thought your life would end up.

Now you’re constantly walking on eggshells, and you feel entirely alone.

You need to move through this process but don’t feel like you can do it alone anymore.

You’ve made the right decision.

You’ve found this page for a reason, and I’m here to help you through this.

We’ll consider what’s at stake and how to move strategically.

Therapy is a place that’s just for you: a safe space in which to weigh your personal, psychological, and emotional needs.

Give yourself the time and opportunity to evaluate your options. You need strength and clarity to get through this, and that’s exactly what I help you find.

Create the plan you need to move forward.

I will help you identify what you need and how to cope healthily.

We’ll get you back to feeling like yourself.

Using insight-oriented psychotherapy, you’ll develop a deep and empowered relationship with yourself.

We’ll then work on simple and effective communication skills to help you to talk to your partner and express your needs confidently.

Don’t go through your divorce alone.

Your partnership should be life-enhancing, not life-draining.

Don’t compromise your mental and emotional well-being to stay in this relationship.

It’s time to re-evaluate. Live a whole hearted and authentic life on your terms.

Embrace this opportunity to evolve. I’d love to help you with his process.

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